Since 1984
Studies in Philosophy in Munich ("Hochschule für Theologie und Philosophie",
Philosophische Fakultät S. J.)

Since 1986
I began practical work at a theatre ("Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz", Munich).
At the same time I took lessons in printing and sculpture (Robert Vorhammer)
at the “Academy Of Arts” in Munich, ("Projekt1")

In 1990
Diploma in stage- and costume-design
after studying for four years at the “Mozarteum“, Salzburg, Austria (Prof. H.- B. Galleè)

While studying I worked on paintings for stage-decorations at the
“Festspielhaus Salzburg“ (Prof. O. Schwarz)
and created some of the ceiling- and wallpaintings at the castle
"Burg Vöstenhof" in Austria.

I travelled through USA for about three months (New York, Philadelphia, Florida),
to get an impression of famous historical European and modern art
while visiting the museums and galleries abroad.

    Since 1991
I have joined different theatre - projects ("Renitenztheater",
Suttgart / international, multicultural Varietè-Show, "Theater auf dem Killesberg",
and I had my first exhibition of own paintings and prints at the
“Goethe -Institute“ Staufen, near Freiburg
After two years
at the "Städt. Bühnen Krefeld-Mönchengladbach" and
two years at the "Staatstheater Hannover",
where I have been responsible for the stage-design of different projects,
my own artwork became most important for me.

Since 1997
I am self-employed as an artist in painting, sculpturing, photography, design, illustration .

Exhibitions :

Paintings and prints at the “Goethe -Institute“ Staufen, Freiburg

Animal-portraits at the “Postergalerie – Flensburg.“

Permanent Exhibition with paintings at the
"Expo-Plaza" (World-Trade-Center, Expo-Area, Hannover)

Paintings at the Lawyers-Office, Sedanstr.6, Hannover

Taking part in the project "Art – Market", Hannover.
(Shura Kraeff), Germany

Permanent Exhibitionat the “Gesundheitszentrum“, Lemgo, NRW

Taking part in the projekt "Art – Market ", Hannover 

Paintings at the "Cafè Zeitlos", Steinheim, NRW.

Taking part in the project "Offene Ateliers, Lippe", NRW

2008, Juli
Exhibition as a member of the arts-club "Das Fachwerk", Bad
Salzuflen, NRW, Germany

2010, Aug. to Oct.
Exhibition “Kraft und Linie“, auf dem Gelände “Kultur im Sonnentau“,
Visselhövede, Niedersachsen, “Kunst Im Turm e. V.“

2010, Nov.
Designing the CD-Cover for the “Paha Pajari“-Theatre Project and being guest of honour at the
theatre-event opening night at “Ilmarinen“, Kitee-Sali, Kitee, Finland

12. 11. 2011
Exhibition of the long-term project “NightwishArt“ and the presentation of the “Nightwish-Art-Calendar 2012“ (incl.donations to Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliiton Kiteen)
at Kiteen Evankelinen Kansanopisto, Kitee, Finland

2012, 19.05.
Exhibition of the long-term project „Nightwish Art“ with original drawings and artprints.
at Kuva Velhot Oy, Joensuu, Finland

2013, 09.07 - 31.08
Exhibition of “Nightwish Art“(within the “Nightwish-days 2013“of Kitee,
Organization:  Kiteen Evankelinen Kansanopisto )
at Kitee Sali -Foyer, “Ilmarinen“, Kitee, Karelia, Finland

2013 - 2019
every summer season
  examples of my art were included within the official „Nightwish Exhibition“
at the public Museum of Kitee, Finland.

2014, 07.07. - 31.08
Fourth Exhibition of “Nightwish Art“
at the Restaurant “Reino“, Kitee, Finland

Joining the cultural DVD-project "LIVE LEMMINKÄINEN!"
related to the Finnish National Epic "KALEVALA"
as responsible production artist
in cooperation with actors of the local Finnish theatre company
and members of the Finnish metal band "Nightwish"
Producer: Nina and Timo Holopainen)

Exhibition of original drafts and the DVD of the "LIVE LEMMINKÄINEN!" Production
at "SOVINTOLA", Kultuuriseura Kesälahti

Certificate of honor at the international "PALM ART AWARD 2017"

Certificate of honor at the "IPA 2018"
(International Photography Awards)

Exhibition of  prints of the drafts to the "LIVE LEMMINKÄINEN!"  DVD Topic
at "Juhanantupa", Kesälahti

Exhibition of drafts and paintings about Finnish nature motives
at "Juhanantupa", Kesälahti